Simple but Indispensible Rules to Follow In Gutter Replacement

It so happens that most homeowners often agonize over the kind of roof to be used their homes. While doing so, they neglect or even ignore the importance of a leak proof, durable gutter. This happens mostly because they get preoccupied with things like which roof texture is ideal for the home or which shingle color blends well with the fresh pain on the walls.  It gets worse when after a few months after moving to the house, gutters begin to rust. The roof begins to leak. Incompetent roofing contractors then come in with strange home improvement ideas. They replace perfectly good gutters with cheap and substandard versions, while informing homeowners that the replacement is necessary. This doesn’t have to happen to you. Simply take the following tips into account.

Know your options

Since heavy rains and storms may take a heavy toll on your home, prudence and much care should be put into maintaining or selecting the right gutter.  Understand that, if your home’s original gutters are sturdy, straight and leak free, no replacement will be needed. Do not let a self proclaimed roofing expert talk you into replacing the gutter.  For replacing gutters, always go with gutter experts in your local area. Then make good use of the following thumb rules.

  • If your gutters leak, there is always a good chance that they can be repaired. First determine the type of gutter you have then contract the right repair man. If you have redwood gutters, look for a reputable handy man to caulk or cover up the leak.  If on the other hand you have copper and steel gutters, contact you cal sheet metal store for repairs.
  • Do not at any point put a lot of thought into selecting gutters to be installed as you do when selecting roofing materials. At the same time, do not underestimate or ignore the necessity of quality gutters. You may have to pay more for quality gutters, but that should not worry you. Think of it as a long term investment or a permanent solution to a leaking roof.


If replacement is necessary, insist on gutter systems and gutters that are of the same brand or at least equal in terms of quality with the original gutters. Do some research online or offline and ask for recommendations from gutter stores. You may also contact the gutter manufacturer so as to know more about where to buy their original gutters.

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