Shocking Fat Busting Secret Revealed, How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

The secret is there is no big secret. . There are no magic pills , if you want to lose the flab and replace it with muscle you will have to do some work and eat a balanced diet.

The truth about FAT, before you try to lose weight and build up those pecks. Crash diets and calorie restrictions are not the path to chose, losing weight by dieting will cause you to lose both fat and muscle. Exercising will help you to build muscle and burn fat.

Fact or Fiction Muscle weighs more than fat? Fact Fat is Lighter than muscle? Fact. Stay off the scales, you will lose inches before you lose pounds. Choosing a healthy diet and an exercise program to suit you, will build your muscle and that extra fat will disappear.

Muscle building Foods. You will have to feed your muscles in order to build them. Proteins are the fuel your muscles need to bulk up. Carbohydrates, you will also need carbohydrates as energy to build muscle. The trick to losing weight and gaining muscle is balance, eating a balance diet including extra amounts of protein. If you don’t exercise you will need .8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to keep the muscles you have. Some protien shakes will add to much protein to our diets which make it difficult on the kidneys.

Cutting Out Carb’s Will Not Help Build Muscle. Some bodybuilders can tell you to cut out carbohydrates in favor of protein. Proteins are important but balance is important.

Carb’s + Protein = Bigger Muscles Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water to ensure you are hydrated, this will keep your body working at it’s optimum level. Increasing exercise will help you lose weight, don’t start cutting down on calories. You will be burning more each day, when you get in shape you will notice you will start paying more attention to the foods you put in your body, you will start to eat healthier. You will be more in tune with your body.

The Building Muscle secret. With in 14 day of exercise you will see results, put in the time and effort and two weeks you will notice a difference to your body, and also to your mind. You will be surprised how much better your moods are and the extra energy you will have by exercising.

How to lose weight and gain muscle []

Start slow, most new to exercising will inflict injuries on them selves because they do too much at once. Start lifting comfortable weights, adding a lb or two each time you start to feel at ease with your reps.

Do it right, you can pull muscles or not achieve the desired effects if you are not doing your exercises right. Invest in a session or two with a personal trainer, or search on line for the instructions.

Set goals, heavier weights with fewer reps will bulk up muscles quicker.

Weight lifting will build muscle, to lose weight add aerobic exercise to your workout.

Workout three times a week for 2 weeks and you will see results.

PPS Muscle weighs more than fat…when you see inches being lost and your clothes are fitting you know you are getting the desired results, stay off the scale.

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