Liquid Batteries Doubling As Stability Control for Weight and Balance, and Ballast

If you look at a hybrid car, or a fully electric automobile, then you will note that they have quite a few Batteries. Those batteries have liquid inside, and that liquid does move around. Yes, often they have membranes, baffles, or even a webbing which also doubles as a component of the battery to help it charge faster, or hold the charge longer. However, as long as they have liquid inside, we might be able to turn that challenge into an opportunity. Okay so, let’s talk about all this for second if we might.

There was a brilliant article on Physorg (dot) com recently titled; “Liquid batteries could level the load,” posted on February 14, 2012 by David L. Chandler. Interestingly enough, the title of that article reminded me of an old engineering concept that I had long ago about a UAV or unmanned vehicle which would eat itself as it flew, as the wing spar would be wrapped in fuel and as it used up the fuel the wing would decrease its camber, and not needing that extra weight after climb-out it would increase its speed. Anyway you get the point.

Now then, taking this article title in Physorg (dot) com and dismissing what the article was really about, which was distributing the level of electric output – and then considering my engineering design, think about liquid batteries and how they might assist in the stability of aircraft, vessels, motorcycles, cars, rail, submarines, or other transportation devices when it really matters. What if the batteries were not box shaped, but layered on top of each other?

What if some of these batteries were redesigned either in long tubes, or very flat, going the length of the vehicle, or the length of the fuselage in an airplane? What if the batteries were quite large and went across the width of a large ship or vessel? What if they were used as stability control for submarine? There’s actually no reason we can’t do it, although it would take a little bit more engineering, and a little bit extra innovation.

Perhaps it’s time to send the batteries back to the drawing board, and incorporate all those new battery technologies, which happened to use liquid, and figure out what we can do here? Even if we cannot modify the batteries in the way in which I suggest, perhaps they might be on some sort of a roller system where a very simple computer program working with a gyro can place them in the proper position as needed to serve as the ballast for stability control, or even steering? Please consider all this and think on it.

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Never Diet Again – Try Hypnosis To Lose Weight And Balance Your Eating Habits

If you try hypnosis to lose weight, you will subconsciously be changing your eating habits so you will never have to diet again. Hypnosis is a process that helps your conscious mind relax so suggestions can reach your subconscious mind. When hypnosis is used because you want to change something in your life, it really does work.

Dieting usually works for a short time when you are trying to lose weight, but the problem is that the pounds usually come back on when the diet is over. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is by changing your eating habits. If you find change hard to do on your own, being hypnotized to shed those unwanted pounds can help you make the change and keep those extra pounds off.

Hypnosis to change something in your life is not done in one session, you need to reinforce the suggestions of eating healthier to change your habits. If you decide to go to a hypnotherapist, they will teach you how to relax your conscious mind and give suggestions to your subconscious mind. The therapist will tell you that you need to come back repeatedly so the suggestions to lose weight stick in your mind.

You can do self hypnosis to lose weight. The process of learning to relax your conscious mind is the same except, it will be done with a cassette tape. Instead of listening to a therapist in their office, you will do this in your home. The expense is a lot less but the results will be the same.

The key to having hypnosis work, is that you want to lose the weight. If you are doing this for someone else, hypnosis will probably not work for you. Your subconscious only knows to follow instructions that it hears. If you are fighting between what you want, and what someone else wants any suggestions may not stick with you.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination. Given the suggestions that you want to eat healthy foods and that larger portions make you sick your subconscious will eventually instruct your conscious mind that those things are real. This may not happen in a few days or even a couple of weeks, but it will happen.

Most of the self-hypnosis tapes that are available for weight loss deal with willpower, self image, and balancing your eating habits. You will be given the suggestion to imagine yourself as you want to look and to focus on that image. You will also be told that small portions of food make your stomach feel full, and that a big dessert makes you feel sick and that you do not like the taste of it. These are just of few of the suggestions you might be given.

Your success depends on if you want to lose weight and on how often you listen to the hypnosis tape. It is recommended that you listen to the tape once a day for a few weeks to really set the suggestions in your subconscious, and to let those suggestions convince your conscious mind. Hypnosis to lose weight has none of the drawbacks of a diet, no cravings, no feelings of hunger, just a stress free way of changing your eating habits.

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